• What is your Why ?

    Posted on March 17, 2015 by in Newest Posts

    We all have reasons for working hard but in network marketing being its part time nature to start always picks apart the very question…What is your why? Why network marketing? For me I have been a full time high school teacher, a highly noted Field hockey and Track and field coach, a bartender and many many other jobs. Many of my friends ask me why not just keep doing what your doing. And I think the answer is very clear. No matter how successful my career is, my coaching or my personality behind the bar. My pay at the end of the day is marginally fixed. This past year my field hockey team had amazing success. We had the best season in 10 plus years at my school. And the sad reality is my check came this year with no bonus. I have seen children in my classroom gain immense knowledge as I work to make them not only more educated but more able to be productive citizens of their city or state. Yet I see the lazy teacher down the hall barely showing up to school receiving the same paycheck. So often in life we dream of what could be. If we sent more time wondering why we do the things we do they soon take on a transformation. They over time feel to be less and less like work. In network marketing rejection is unavoidable. However once you edify the reasons for being beat up by friends, family or in some instances strangers, you must continue your path. Because no one is going to do it for you. Bills don’t get paid without equal employment. However with network marketing your dreams can only be achieved by challenging yourself to be better than you were yesterday. On the off-chance that the numbers will eventually work in your favor. I say to you dream and dream big. Develop your “Why” because once you stare challenges in the face and have a purpose….only then can it fall in your lap for all the right reasons.


    Good luck and God blessĀ