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First and foremost my name is Kevin DeAngelo and who I am is a husband and an educator. My family is the reason I wake up every day and they are the reason I continue to reach for more in the world. Before that I was a hard working laborer who tended bar to pay his way through college and graduate school. Although I was raised by wonderful people I was raised with limited means. My father was a career toolmaker who has spent the last 40 years in a factory behind a machine sweating to support his family. My mother was a stay at home mom spending time supporting her children with knowledge and a loving hand. Forced into working odd job after odd job to help make ends meet. My parents were the product of Italian immigrants who prided themselves on integrity and honesty. Where your word was worth more than your actions.

But as I learned from my family I also realized I wanted to break the mold of hard labor and ask life for more. And as my parents age this need is becoming more and more apparent every day. They gave me amazing support in life but wealth is a learned behavior.If you want to be a millionaire you need to hang around millionaires. So many people offer advice but few know its worth.

Growing up I learned how to surround myself with those who desired more. I learned to ask the right questions. And I learned to question EVERYTHING !!

Those with a hunger for knowledge and success is who I followed and emulated. My parents taught me that if you work hard you’ll get everything you want out of life. Well unfortunately they were only part right. Working hard will pay the bills and keep your head dry, but it hardly unlocks the potential to reach your dreams. For years I’ve been saddened to see people retire from great jobs only to return to work to survive. Houses lost, unemployment rising and all the other problems that come with our current economy. I knew their had to be a better way if only people could change their way of thinking.┬áSo through many careers and wearing many different hats I have recently been engulfed in Network Marketing. And full steam ahead I go. Never accepting failure and embracing all of those I get to meet along the way.

Network Marketing is a journey of ups and downs, lefts and rights. But with each step I learn new skills, and develop a confidence unlike any other profession has done for me before. In conclusion I learned a message from one of my favorite movies Into the Wild. The message is that “Happiness is only real when shared” and that has resonated with me throughout this journey. Not only do I want my family to achieve more I want all those around me to grow with me. But in order to do that “Crossing the Fire” is a necessity. To let go of your ego and jump in head first. Learn to be better than you ever thought you could with the support needed to rid the ego and just go to work ! If your ready to experience more click the “My Business” link on the home page and join me in this journey. And lets not meet at the top, lets meet over the top.

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